Whether mobile or stationary, for area protection or access protection – SICK’s comprehensive Safety Scanner portfolio offers a cost-effective package for every requirement and task. The compact systems scan their surroundings and measure distances by using the time-of-flight principle of measurement. The integrated rotating mirror creates a two-dimensional scan for monitoring freely defined, software configurable protection areas.

Safety Scanners Comparison

Safety ScannersS3000S300microScan3 Core I/O
Protective Field
The protective field range describes the maximum range of the monitored field
Range up to 7 mRange up to 3 mRange up to 5.5 m
Scanning Angle
The scanning angle describes the maximum viewing angle of the scanner
Field Sets
The number of field sets indicates how the scanner can be adapted to different process phases
Up to 32 Field SetsUp to 16 Field Sets2 Field Sets
Scanning Technology
Time-of-Flight Technology
(PPR= Pulses per Rotation)
500 PPR500 PPR80,000+ PPR
Size (W x H x D)
The smaller the device, the easier it is to integrate in a system
155mm x 185mm x 160mm102mm x 152mm x 106mm110mm x 135mm x 110mm

*Note: safeHDDM (safe High Definition Distance Measurement) is a high-resolution, digital process for safety-related time and distance measurement. This technology provides optical ruggedness against influences such as ambient light dust, and a dirty front screen.


safety scanner, Select the Right SICK Safety ScannerThis is a guest post by Doig Corporation, an Elite SICK distributor that provides factory automation solutions and service to a wide variety of industries & manufactures.

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