• flexi soft system
    Taking a Safe Step toward Industry 4.0
    Achieve optimum safety and productivity for autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots Modern manufacturing has become an information-transparent environment. It is designed to facilitate asset...
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Application success stories and videos, important company news, engineering tips and tricks, information about our employees, and much more

Simple Sensors

From photoelectric to capacitative sensors, learn about the best intelligent sensors for a variety of applications and industries.

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Lidar (Laser Scanners)

Lidar technology is growing at a rapid pace. Check out our lidar blog posts to see cool applications and answers to common questions.

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Industrial Safety

Check out our industrial safety posts to learn more about safety standards, technology, and tips & tricks from our safety experts!

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Automatic Identification & Vision

Learn more about the history of automatic identification & vision technologies, get helpful tips, and read our customer success stories!

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Our encoder videos are our most popular posts! Watch the videos for encoder fundamentals explained and check out recent applications!

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Process Automation

Gas analysis, dust measurement, air pollution control, and more! Check out our educational resources and meet the team behind the scenes!

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