What does TDC Stand for? Q&A with a Telematic Data Collector Gateway System Expert

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What does TDC stand for?

Telematic Data Collector

What is a gateway?

A gateway provides a place to process the data locally at the edge before sending it to the cloud. When data is aggregated, summarized and tactically analyzed at the edge, it minimizes the volume of data that needs to be forwarded to the cloud, which can have a big impact on response times or network transmission costs. All data moving to the cloud or vise versa, goes through the gateway. Sensors or devices do not need high processing power, memory or storage since the gateway does this all for them.

What is the TDC gateway system?

The TDC gateway system collects and saves data from sensors using various interfaces in a central location. The sensor data collected from the TDC gateway system is processed locally at the edge and then sent to the cloud. The TDC is a physical device that serves as the connection point between the cloud & the controllers, sensors, and intelligent devices.

Why is the data that the TDC collects important and how is it analyzed?

Sensors generate over ten thousand pieces of data. This collected sensor level data connects directly with enterprise level data that provides valuable information for predictive maintenance, smart services, indoor & outdoor localization, and allows the base to be installed anywhere. Evaluations can also be made in the TDC System based on the incoming data, these evaluations can result in real-time outputs (reactions) via I/Os or SMS messages (alarms). The incoming and outgoing data can be used for downstream process optimization and increase transparency and therefore increase productivity.

What are the benefits of using a TCD gateway system?

  • Browser-based configuration (plug and play)
  • Connecting a variety of data sources
  • From sensor to hardware and software solution
  • Open interfaces and manufacturer-independent solutions
  • Making machines easily and cost-effectively ready for the Industry 4.0
  • Boost productivity and efficiency with direct KPI overview on-premise or on the cloud platform

What industries can benefit from using the TDC gateway system?

The automotive, consumer goods industries, mechanical engineering, the electronics & solar industries, and drive technology all rely heavily on diagnostic data making the TDC perfect for efficiently analyzing all their data.

What are some examples of applications of the TDC?

TDC can be used in fleet management to reduce the risk of failure in the field and extend the lifetime of the entire fleet. The TDC reports on key component performances, using data like fuel, inclination, fan/motor RPM, voltage, and various other sensor data to improve fleet performance.

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