ROI Challenge: Safety Mats vs. Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Mats vs. Safety Laser Scanners

As production facilities increasingly use automation solutions to improve plant productivity, the safety of workers remains an important consideration for plant managers. With stricter safety regulations being enforced, there has been a greater demand for more advanced safety solutions.

Since the invention of safety mats more than 60 years ago, safeguarding technologies for area guarding have continued to evolve to meet these needs.

By the 1970s, the introduction of safety laser scanners – invented by SICK – provided a solution that ensured better protection at a minimum cost over time. From Type 2 scanners to the introduction of Type 3 in the 1990s, safety laser scanners continued to evolve as they could now be used for building security and hazardous area protection.

The graphic below, shows how safety laser scanners have changed over time.

Infographic — Evolution of Safety Scanners

Your workers and your plant deserve the best protection. Safety laser scanners may be an appropriate solution for your application. To help determine which solution you should use, download this free white paper: Safety Laser Scanners vs. Safety Mats – Which One Do I Choose?

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