Become a Certified Functional Safety Application Expert (CFSAE) – Machinery Certification (SGS – TUV Saar) – Details, FAQs & Registration

Learn from Global Industry Safety Experts

SICK has partnered with SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH to provide a Functional Safety for Machinery global training course. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the exam, Safety Engineers obtain the title, ‘Certified Functional Safety Application Expert.’ 

SICK offers scheduled training classes several times a year in the US.

  • Get an overview of the standards and regulations, risk assessment and acceptable risk.
  • Review how protective devices must be selected and integrated to effectively reduce hazards associated with machinery.
  • Understand documenting the design for proof and quality assurance procedures.
  • Receive a TÜV CFSAE (Certified Functional Safety Application Expert) certificate upon passing the exam.


SICK Minneapolis, MN Training Center
The 5-day course includes all materials, the exam, and lunch each day (does not include hotel or airfare)
Cost: $3,270 for class and exam ($2900 for the class; $370 for the exam)


Who should take this course?

Engineers and other people working in the field of Functional Safety – either as a machine or system designer, safety integrator, or end user responsible for designing safety systems for the safety of workers.

What are the minimum requirements to get the CFSAE course and exam?

  • 3 – 5 years of professional experience in Functional Safety
  • Existing working knowledge of Functional Safety standards and best practices, including knowledge of the following subjects:
    1. ISO 13849, IEC 61508, IEC 62061
    2. Regulations
    3. Experience and understanding in the field of functional safety management
    4. Practical experience in the quantification of PL and SIL

NOTE: This course is a review for experienced individuals. It is not an introduction to the concepts of Functional Safety.

Will the student be certified once this module is completed?

Yes.  The certification is issued by SGS-TÜV Saar upon successful completion of the course and passing the exam. Worldwide acknowledgment as a Certified Functional Safety Expert (SGS Saar) is recognized through a list on SGS-TÜV Saar’s official website.

Can someone complete the course, but not take the exam?

Yes; the exam is optional. However, continuous participation in the course and passing the exam are required to obtain the Certified Functional Safety Expert (SGS Saar) certificate. If a student does not want to take the exam, they simply should not attend class on day 5. There are separate part numbers when signing up for the course and for the exam allowing a discount for students not interested in taking the exam.

Will copies of the standard be included with the class?

No, but copies of the standards will be available for reference during the exam.

What happens if a student doesn’t pass the exam?

Applicants are encouraged to retake the course and exam after at least 6 months of further study and experience. The exam can be ordered separately from the course.

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