4 Simple Steps for CLV400 to CLV600 Barcode Scanner Transition

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CLV400 to CLV600 bar code scanner transitionIf you are migrating from SICK’s CLV400 barcode scanners to one of the CLV600 barcode scanner, follow these simple steps to have your new CLV600 scanner up and running in no time.  All conversions are completed for customers free of charge.

Once you‘ve selected the equivalent CLV600 scanner, watch the how-to video and follow the four steps below:

Step 1

Save the .scl configuration file using the CLV Setup software, then e-mail your .scl file to a SICK application engineering to be converted to the new format.

Step 2

Replace both the cloning module and your current CLV400 barcode scanner.

Step 3

Import the new configuration files using SICK’s SOPAS configuration software.

Step 4

Test the scanner to ensure everything has been installed correctly.

All conversions are completed within 24 hours of receiving the .scl file.  If your application has changed or an upgrade to your system and/or scanner is required, contact application support at autoIDhelp@sick.com


Download the full installation guide as an interactive PDF: CLV400 to CLV600 Bar Code Scanner Transition in 4 Simple Steps

Andy Garrido

Andy has been with SICK since 2006 and has worked as an Applications Engineer and Product Manager – always in the barcode group.

He enjoys travelling and having interesting conversations with interesting people.

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