3 Ways to Activate the Reading Gate of Your SICK Automatic Identification Device

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Did you know that there is more than one way to activate the reading gate of a CLV Barcode Scanner, a LECTOR6xx Image-based Code Reader, or an RFID Interrogator—beyond just a hardwired switch?  By using a command over the communication interface, the amount of physical setup required can be reduced.

1 – Hardwired Switch

The majority of applications using SICK Automatic Identification devices use a photoelectric switch wired to a local discreet input to activate the reading gate.


This, however, is not the only means to activate the reading gate of SICK’s Automatic Identification devices.

2 – SOPAS Command

The reading gate can also be activated over its communication interface using a SOPAS software command.


The command to ‘Start’ the reading gate is:

<STX>sMN mTCgateon<ETX>

and the command to ‘Stop’ the reading gate is:

<STX>sMN mTCgateoff<ETX>

These commands will work over both the Serial Interface and Ethernet Interface.

3 – Output Command Word

There is also a third way to activate the reading gate of a SICK Automatic Identification device.  When an Ethernet fieldbus like EtherNet/IP or ProfiNET is used, an Output Command Word is generated that can be used to activate the reading gate.


So when a SICK Automatic Identification device is configured within the Host PLC, the Output Command Word is generated.  Within this word there is a single bit that would need to be toggled to turn the reading gate ‘On’ and ’Off.’


So the logic used to activate the reading gate is a simple contact closure to energize the Output Command Trigger bit.


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